Disclaimer: This article consists of big spoilers from ‘WandaVision’ Episode 5.

WandaVision just decided to blow our collective minds by providing us the most loaded episode we have viewed so far. Episode 5 dropped some severely significant revelations as the sitcom-esque paint starts to peel. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are adjusting to parenting in the ’80s. Their powers will not do the job on their twins Tommy and Billy who are residing the everyday living of ordinary kids with superhuman capabilities like ageing a long time ahead at will. Meanwhile, exterior Westview, SWORD is working on untangling what they are now calling “the hex”, a catchy identify for the Westview anomaly.

What comes following is a speedy succession of WandaVision pulling the curtain on Wanda’s earth. We find out that she stole Vision’s overall body, resurrecting him and he’s begun questioning his suburban daily life, stumbling upon some troubling truths. Wanda also confronted SWORD and warned them not to mess with her or her entire world. And oh, this is the 1st time she’s sporting her outdated costume which was last viewed in Avengers: Endgame. But the most significant surprise arrives in the closing moments of Episode 5. In a peculiar cameo, the exhibit introduces Pietro Maximoff, not Aaron Taylor-Johnson from the MCU movies but Evan Peters from Fox’s X-Males movies. Peters is reprising his job as Quicksilver following X-Adult men: Darkish Phoenix? Just when we believed WandaVision was getting a little predictable!


In a to start with, the MCU has decided to variable in the X-Men universe from Fox. Answering a knock on the door at the end of a tumultuous Episode 5, Wanda finds Pietro her “long misplaced bro” casually dropping in for a extended-overdue pay a visit to. Which is a person hell of a cameo! “She recast Pietro?” says Darcy Lewis, who is looking at the scene unfold. That is affirmation of some whacky crossover shit in the MCU. She isn’t the only just one who’s stunned. Wanda way too appears to be a tiny astonished despite the fact that the episode would make it distinct that she controls the total city.

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We don’t know what Evan Peters’ Pietro implies for WandaVision or the MCU but it opens up limitless possibilities. While it was just a cameo and a cliffhanger, it wouldn’t be a extend to think that we are going to see extra of him on the show. His debut may well at last established the wheels of the speculated X-Adult men connection in motion. Followers have recognized that the mutants will be part of the MCU at some issue in Stage 4 but this undoubtedly is an early surprise. Given that WandaVision is linked with Physician Weird in the Multiverse of Madness, this could quite effectively be Marvel’s foray into that path. Or you know, a enjoyment nod to the franchise just to maintain up with the wild tone of the demonstrate.

WandaVision author Jac Schaeffer in an interview with Entertainment Tonight did mention Pietro stating, “So, my tactic with Wanda was to glimpse at the entirety of the girl, appropriate? All of herself and all of her ordeals and all of her trauma, and getting rid of Pietro is a big component of that and acquiring been a twin is a massive portion of that — As considerably as the placement of it, that was a ton of the perform in the writers’ area, was when do we have these times? When do we expose points? When do we delve into authenticity?”

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