I really do not know about you but I’m an ardent chai lover. A accurate one who couldn’t be dissuaded with the attraction of the widely-hashtagged Dalgona Espresso in the first months of quarantine. So you can envision my horror when somebody says or proposes to include salty butter to my best sanity concoction. There can be only one respectable reaction – yikes! In simple fact, that’s all I have been saying, a sum full of 21 times to be specific, given that I’ve found the viral video in which the unquestionable act is carried out with entire vigour.

If you haven’t found it yet (operate help save on your own although you can or at minimum proceed with caution), there’s a video that initially appeared on Instagram, from a sure Baba tea stall in Agra in which chai is staying prepared with introducing dollops of butter and If I may perhaps, it’s the worst detail to have occurred to tea due to the fact the chai latte!

Useless to say, chai enthusiasts who just can’t belly it have united against the blasphemous creation and can you blame them.

Now, a single Google test will convey to you that, this is not just an right away viral trend but a beverage, which is preferred in the spots of higher altitudes like Kashmir, Bhutan and Tibet. Its community identify is Po Cha and apparently there are takers of that way too!

But hey, if not tolerating the sight of butter in my tea in humid, pretty much often sweltering Mumbai is not currently being cultured then wonderful! I acquire that above THIS any day. ANY Day.

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Protect Graphic: Foodieagraaaaa/Instagram