Unpaused, directed by Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K., Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Avinash Arun, and Nitya Mehra, and created by Reshu Nath, Nidimoru, Krishna, Advani, Sayunkta Chawla, Devika Bhagat, Shubham, Mehra, Vidur Nauriyal, and Tarun Dudeja, is an anthology movie that tells 5 stories centered on the COVID-19 lockdown. With pro way, creating, cinematography, output structure, score, and performances, it excellently manages to stand out from all the written content which is capitalising on the pandemic by not only properly demonstrating the health issues, the two psychological and bodily, that have taken center stage but also by making a perception of hope in a way that’s non-melodramatic and inspirational.

Two weeks in the past, if you would’ve asked me if I am interested in seeing Unpaused, I believe I would have punched you in the experience. I will inform you why. I experienced long gone via a bunch of phases through this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown/isolation. The two most considerable kinds concerned seeing aged movies about virus outbreaks or just a person who’s in isolation and bearing lately manufactured movies about virus outbreaks. Motion pictures in the first category had been fantastic (I have produced two lists which you can check out here and here) for the reason that they were being very well-manufactured and had some fundamental commentary about mankind and mother nature. The ones in the second class i.e. Pandemic, Pandemic: COVID-19, Pandemic: How to Protect against An Outbreak, By yourself, Songbird, Putham Pudhu Kaalai, and so forth., weren’t. They have been rapidly created material pretending to be related, that is it. So, I assumed that Amazon Prime’s most current offering will be the identical. I was improper!

Unpaused is made up of five stories. Glitch is directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, it’s written by Reshu Nath, characteristics Gulshan Devaiah and Saiyami Kher, the cinematography is by Pankaj Kumar, the production style and design is by Saini S. Johray, the enhancing is by Sumeet Kotian and Dharmendra Kakarala, the music is by Ketan Sodha and Fiddlecraft, the sound style and design is by Pramod Chandorkar, and the costume design is by Harpreet Singh Sawhney. Apartment is directed by Nikkhil Advani it functions Richa Chadha, Sumeet Vyas, Ishwak Singh, Mahathi Ramesh, Dilnaz Irani, Sachin Kathuria, and Sachin Kumbhar, it is composed by Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh, the DOP is Kaushal Shah, the output structure is by Priya Suhass, the costume structure is Sheetal Iqbal Sharma, the enhancing is by Sachin Kunal and Sagar Manik, the tunes is by Ashutosh Pathak and Tanishk Bagchi, and the sound design and style is by Tarun Kumar Bhandari. Rat-a-tat attributes the get the job done of director Tannishtha Chatterjee, actors Lillete Dubey and Rinku Rajguru, writers Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra, DOP John Jacob Payyapalli, editor Antara Lahiri, production designer Parichit Paralkar, costume designer Aastha Sharma and Reann Moradian, seem designer Sohel Sanwari, and Bay Songs Home. Vishaanu, directed by Avinash Arun, is manufactured of actors Abhishek Banerjee, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, writer Shubham, DOP Navagat Prakash, editor Sanyukta Kaza, manufacturing designer Mukund Gupta, composers Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor, seem designer Sohel Sanwari, costume designer Sachin Lovalekar. Chaand Mubarak, directed by Nitya Mehra, features actors Shardul Bhardwaj and Ratna Pathak Shah, writers Vidur Nauriyal, Tarun Dudeja, and Mehra herself, DOP Jay Oza, editor Manas Mittal, output designer Tiya Tejpal, composers Naren and Benedict, audio designers Resul Pookutty and Vijay Kumar, and costume designer Sheetal.

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Wow! That looks like a huge paragraph whole of individuals but there are a lot more who I would’ve liked to give shout-outs to mainly because they’ve all completed these kinds of a brilliant work. But we have a review to get on with. So, I request you to stay again for the credits soon after watching the movie out of respect for all the men and women who have risked their lives and worked in Unpaused so that we could get a couple of hours of entertainment. Alright? Promise? Alright, so due to the fact this is an anthology movie, I’ll be going via every brief separately and conveying what works and what does not get the job done (I am just kidding, anything works in all the shorts. Aise hi 5/5 nahi mila hai) and I’ll preserve it as spoiler-totally free as I can so that you can get the new working experience that I did. Let us go!


This is quintessential Raj and DK. Every little thing from the plot to the figures, the creation design and style, the cinematography, and the genre it is functioning in is dialed up to eleven. But it isn’t alienating simply because what they’re presenting is what we see in our nightmares at present. So, it is a odd combination of science fiction and hardcore realism. Both equally Saiyami Kher and Gulshan Devaiah totally dedicate to their respective characters so that we can imagine that their characters have been and nevertheless are going via insanely tough moments. I am likely to split out this phrase just after a prolonged time: “It’s nevertheless a far better like story than Twilight”. The creating flows so nicely and is introduced smartly and humourously through monologues, dialogues, and stylised textual content (Kudos to the artwork director for that!). I truly appreciated the jibes at performative appreciation and the regular crusade towards appreciate that the current Federal government is raging correct now just mainly because they know shit about it. And, offered how I am a good deal like Devaiah’s character, I welcomed its concept about beginning to have confidence in true human beings again even though your definition of it has been crushed to its core by this pandemic.


I believe that if this Nikkhil Advani directorial was a one particular-girl enjoy with Richa’s character going by means of numerous levels of existential disaster, with no flashbacks or any other human conversation, it would’ve labored. Since Chadha is that good. The way she exhibits this volcano of repressed feelings erupting is so subtle and however partaking that you’ll forget about that another character has not entered the body in a very long time. However, her full act, the story, and the underlying concept about survival is aptly accentuated by Vyas’s hate-inducing functionality and Ishwak’s heart-warming act. I will not lie that I was almost in tears for the duration of Chadha and Ishwak’s ultimate altercation. The creating builds up to it and through quite carefully penned words it evokes a great deal of bittersweet functions that we all have likely expert during this lockdown. Advani sets out to show how we have boxed ourselves into these lavish flats, burdened ourselves with reminiscences of bigoted people today, contemplating that there is just nothing to do but to rot, even nevertheless enable is just a few meters absent and how achieving out to all those who are reaching out to you can preserve two life, and he does so completely.


Chatterjee’s quick is the simplest and the most personal 1 that you are likely to get out of this whole lot. It is just two people from distinctive generations speaking to every single other, sharing their activities, and getting widespread ground to co-exist until eventually the micro (The rat) and the macro problems (The pandemic) are not in excess of. Effectively, essentially, there’s a whole lot a lot more heading on in there which isn’t incredibly evident but if you glance closely at it, you will see it. For case in point, when Dubey is complaining about the thaali-banging session that her neighbour conducts, the law enforcement claims that there is much more noise on the 9 PM information. There is an ongoing commentary on Hindi imposition. And it also hints at how the pandemic has been made use of to slash down on everyone’s salaries, especially all those who have come to Mumbai to are living independently and have no other alternative but to go back if they don’t get the dollars they are worthy of. That shit’s own and all these subjects are handled fantastically by Chatterjee and fueled by Dubey and Rajguru’s very sweet performances. Also, a shoutout to the manufacturing designer for building the set come to feel like a place that is an extension of Dubey’s character.

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Just a forewarning, this is bleak. And it is depicted brilliantly by stringing truly wonderful bits of visual storytelling. Indeed, it reiterates what we likely have been declaring among ourselves about how there is a surplus of locations for shelter and how we’ve mindboggling quantities of foodstuff in storage, so why are migrant labourers, or just unprivileged men and women in typical, struggling like just about anything? But stating is just one matter but seeing is a further detail. The pictures of the roomy household the migrants are squatting in and that scene involving an organisation that delivers food items and masks claims it all. Coming to the acting, what can I say about Abhishek and Geetika that has not been stated nevertheless? They’re just much too fantastic. They’ve no appropriate to be this fantastic! Just kidding, they have every single ideal to be this superior and they really should keep on to blow our skulls by exhibiting us how they can vanish into any character they get on. I can go on and on about them but I’ll limit it to this: there is a millisecond of a instant which they share where it gets to be crystal clear that their time in paradise is over. It crushed me. Also, a mini shoutout to Hemant Kher’s cameo.

Chaand Mubarak

If I go by the notes that I have prepared after viewing Nitya Mehra’s quick, here’s how it is likely to go. Tackling course divide: fantastic. Tackling spiritual divide: perfect. Tackling humanity divide: perfect. Producing and dialogues: great. The way in which all people divides near up: best. Cinematography: great. Sound structure: great. Costume design: ideal. New music: best. Ratna Pathak Shah: excellent. Shardul Bhardwaj: perfect! I bawled at the finish of this story. And they have been delighted tears. But yes, I bawled mainly because it’s anything that you want to see out of the individuals in your society following coming out of this horrific pandemic. You do not will need to agree. You really don’t require to see eye-to-eye. You just need to aid each and every other and co-exist. Is it tough? Certainly. Continue to, you have to do it since that is the suitable factor to do. Also, Mehra would make a neat level about marriage which manufactured me, someone who’s in opposition to marriage, rethink my POV. Now, I imagine a large amount has been reported about Shah, who is amazing, so I won’t repeat that. What I will say as an alternative is that really don’t neglect to feast your eyes on the easy acting by Shardul. He is, in my belief, 1 of the ideal actors of our technology and he deserves all the consideration coming his way.

Remaining verdict

The biggest difficulty that happens in anthology films these days is that it is not a cohesive products. Some of them really do not even have a throughline to connect them. Some of them are produced of shorts that vastly vary in conditions of top quality. Unpaused, thankfully, avoids all these complications superbly. No, they are not narratively linked. I mean, they are technically linked due to the fact they are stories set in the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, they have a throughline about survival and hope that binds them with each other. But most importantly, they are structured in a way that they complement each individual other. I have no way of knowing if this was completed intentionally or unintentionally. Having said that, when you are going to enjoy it, you will see how the emotional quotient escalates with each movie till it blooms in the final act, thereby creating the all-encompassing umbrella that they exist beneath appear meaningful and welcoming. So of course, I hugely advocate Unpaused. And given how I know that this will probably inspire additional this sort of anthology films, I hope that filmmakers don’t just see major stars telling pandemic similar stories here. I hope that they see gifted storytellers coming collectively to inform relatable stories wherever a existence-switching celebration these as a pandemic is just the catalyst.

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