If you scroll via the net very long enough, you happen to be bound to witness some unappetising things. And in some cases, you see folks literally cooking and ingesting the most unappetising factors. In a new circumstance of things the internet ruined, someone made a decision to demolish mashed potatoes for anyone. A gentleman experimented with cooking mashed potatoes but not the variety you’d consider. Alternatively of obsessing in excess of the right proportions to get that creamy regularity like the rest of us, he traded the recipe for a kitchen hack no person requested for.

A TikTok consumer posted a video of his mashed potato preparation. He started out by incorporating some salt and vinegar to a pot of water and then went on to vacant a number of packs of Lay’s salted potato chips. Although it turned into a pile of mush from hell, he gave it a handful of stirs. I never know about you but that to start with shut-up shot of the boiled potato chips did it for me. But that is not all. He also took a shot of sizzling potato water. It actually is a little something that appears illegal but isn’t!

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Exasperated YouTuber KevOnStage did a walkthrough of the TikTok video clip and delivered the most relatable commentary. Examine out the video below, at your have risk, that is!

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=BofMywpwlPE

In scenario you experienced to halt viewing mid-way to puke, you should know that he additional some grated cheese to the mix and then threw in some paprika, to pack in some flavour to the potato goop. And sure, he proceeded to try to eat it and not only did he hold a straight confront but had the audacity to connect with it “tasty” immediately after ruining our collective appetites. How is this alright?

There are so many stages of disturbing rolled into this a person online video and if you believe that’s the only unusual recipe accomplishing the rounds of the online, I’m sorry to report that you’re mistaken –

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Include impression: KevOnStage/YouTube