Somehow one more week has passed. Times, months, months, it’s all the identical isn’t really it? Pandemics are bizarre. 

But here we are. It can be Friday. We’re going to rejoice that truth with some good tweets. Why? Who is aware. But hopefully they are going to make you giggle. 

So, below they are, our 13 favored tweets of the 7 days. 

1. But visually it is represented by a knife

2. Certainly, this is a screenshot of a dril tweet to joke about the total GameStop inventory thing. But you have to acknowledge it will work. 

3. Relatable, to be straightforward

4. Boundary breaking artistry 

5. Drop Juul. Drop Juul! Lose JUUL!

6. Simple method

7. A excellent and beautifully dumb instant. RIP to the legend Larry.

8. A tiny GameStop Succession mashup 

9. I suggest damn…. pretty quick fix listed here. Thanos actually failed to have to do that entire…destroy half of the universe matter, huh? Big mess-up by the major guy.

10. Compulsory dril tweet

11. And an additional

12. This is a rather exact illustration of how things are likely on the web lately

13. And last but not least, this