We realized it was likely to be costly, but damn.

Caviar, the organization that rolls out outstandingly expensive gold iPhones, declared it was extending the Midas touch to the PlayStation 5 in January. 

At the time, the site did not list a value for its 18-karat plated console with matching alligator leather-clad controllers, and it’s in all probability for the reason that the sum you’ll shell out for one of these golden geese is a headline in by itself. 

Caviar has disclosed that it will be manufacturing just nine of these golden PS5 consoles, with each individual sitting down at a staggering $499,999 (£359,053). 

Worthy of it?

The golden console is readily available from Caviar’s internet site now, but except if you have 50 % a million bucks to throw on a shiny new toy casing, you are almost certainly not likely to want to increase to cart.

According to Caviar’s push release, the consoles will consider about 4 months to develop, and the firm suggests it can be been doing the job with a gold jewelry professional contractor to establish a check sample. Caviar suggests it has 1,500 applicants so much.

In the meantime, a common, non-gold PS5 will established you back $499, and presumably works just the identical.