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Tesla will recall every single Design S and Product X auto that shipped with an 8GB eMMC NAND flash chip. Influenced cars were being generated among 2012-2018 (Product S) and 2016-2018 (Design X). All those developed soon after 2018 are configured with supplemental storage capability and will not are unsuccessful in the identical manner.

Any Model S or Design X with an 8GB Media Control Unit (MCU) will sooner or later are unsuccessful, as we protected previous thirty day period. This is not an concern that only has an effect on selected automobiles. NAND flash is only rated for a fixed selection of create cycles, which is to say, new details can only be created to the exact bodily sector of NAND a finite range of moments. Tesla, sad to say, transported a amount of autos with incredibly intense data logging. It has considering the fact that diminished some of these practices, but the volume of data the car logs and transmits will inevitably wear out the NAND flash of any afflicted Model S or X.

When that NAND flash fails, so does the Media Management Unit. The driver loses obtain to local weather controls and the backup digicam. According to the NHTSA, the MCU’s failure impacts the “rearview digicam exhibit, defrost /defog regulate settings, and exterior convert signal lights.”

The Tesla Model S cockpit, with an MCU1-powered Liquid crystal display.

Tesla explained to the NHTSA that these failures really do not represent a protection chance. The NHTSA letter states: “We take note that your report states that Tesla thinks that this subject does not have a protection risk. In our check out, this assertion has no pressure or result in phrases of Tesla’s obligation to undertake and comprehensive the recall, and NHTSA does not concur with it.”

ET agrees with the NHTSA. Tesla’s innovations and willingness to approach vehicle production otherwise is praiseworthy, but Tesla should really have acknowledged that an 8GB eMMC unit wasn’t likely to stand up to constant logging for a long time on stop. Most vehicles never log practically as a lot information as Tesla does and an 8GB NAND flash chip basically wasn’t going to minimize it.

The amount of motor vehicles getting recalled is down a little from the 159K figure being quoted in January. Still, the remember influences 134,951 automobiles. If you possess a person of them, you’d most effective get in touch with the company. The remember assertion claims that Tesla will “replace the VCM daughterboard with just one that contains an enhanced eMMC controller, totally free of cost.” That language is ambiguous plenty of that Tesla could just swap the older MCU1 units with MCU2. Alternately, it could equip existing Tegra 3 boards with extra storage. The Tegra 3 SoC was able of addressing at the very least 64GB of eMMC memory. Microsoft’s Floor RT was bought in this configuration. Tesla may have outfitted its boards with 8GB, but it ought to be in a position to update them.

Tesla’s remember will kick off on March 30. Auto proprietors will be notified by mail. Owners might also get in touch with Tesla at 1-877-798-3752. The amount for the remember is SB-21-21-001.

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