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It’s 2021, and it’s time to take your internet safety more seriously. We bet our wise founding fathers would agree and would suggest investing in a VPN to protect your important data and keep your browsing safe. In honor of President’s Day, you can get 15% off these trusted VPNs sitewide with code PREZ2021 for a limited time.

Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription lets you enjoy P2P sharing while remaining completely anonymous. You’ll also enjoy the added bonus of super-fast speeds, buffer-less HD streaming, and zero geo-restrictions.

Get Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription for $33.99 (reg. $1,194) with code PREZ2021. 

Don’t let the hackers and spies win! Fastest VPN is an easy to use VPN that works on all of your devices, operating with 99.9% uptime and access to over 350 high-speed servers all over the globe. They have a strict no-logging policy, an ad blocker, and anti-malware software.

Get the Fastest VPN: Lifetime Subscription (5 Devices) for $16.99 (reg. 600) with code PREZ2021. 

Need a VPN for a whole lot of devices? VPN by VeePN gives you a lifetime subscription for 10 devices and offers lightning-fast connection speeds, access to more than 2,500 servers all over the world, and a no-logging policy that means your browsing will stay private. They also offer 24/7 support and a kill switch that allows you to cut connections to your device so your data is protected.

Get the VPN by VeePN: Lifetime Subscription for $25.49 (reg. $659) with code PREZ2021. 

If you’ve got a lot of gadgets, this VPN subscription might be your perfect pick. With the ability to have a lifetime subscription for 25 different devices, ZoogVPN Lite gives you bank-grade 256-bit encryption, super-fast download speeds, torrent-friendly servers, and a no-logging policy to keep your activity private.

Get the ZoogVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription (25 Devices) for $38.24 (reg. $710) with code PREZ2021. 

BulletVPN gives you high-quality, fast, and secure internet connections, while simultaneously safeguarding your important data from hackers. It helps you unblock top sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and ready to use on up to six devices.

Get the BulletVPN: Lifetime Subscription for $33.14 (reg. $540) with code PREZ2021. 

With KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, your important data will be safe while you enjoy unrestricted streaming and content access.

Get the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription for $33.15 (reg. $499) with code PREZ2021. 

Don’t let trackers connect to your devices with Disconnect VPN. It keeps your data safe from companies, cybercriminals or government entities on one device. It also allows you to use blocked services, sites and apps while masking your location.

Get the Disconnect VPN Premium: Lifetime Subscription for $16.99 (reg. $300) with code PREZ2021. 

SlickVPN lets you stay safe online wherever you may go. There’s a strict no logging policy and you’ll be able to browse without anyone seeing your real IP address. You’ll be able to use this lifetime subscription on five devices.

Get the SlickVPN: Lifetime Subscription for $16.99 (reg. $1,200) with code PREZ2021. 

LightyearVPN gives you the privilege of browsing the internet without dealing with any censorship. There’s no activity log policy, unlimited bandwidth to video, music, social media and simultaneous devices and you only have to click once to connect. You can try this one out for a year and use it on five devices to find out if it’s the right VPN service for you.

Get the Lightyear VPN: Fast & Safe Internet for $42.49 (reg. $119) with code PREZ2021. 

This VPN subscription from Goose VPN gives you the power to protect unlimited devices for two years. It redirects all of your internet traffic through a heavily encrypted tunnel and protects you privacy with zero logging or bandwidth throttling.

Get the Goose VPN: 2-Yr Subscription for $16.99 (reg. $349) with code PREZ2021. 

personalVPN Pro gives you an enterprise-grade service at a budget-friendly price, letting you bypass geographic and content restrictions while hiding your IP address, location and browsing history. You’ll be able to use it on unlimited devices for a year with this subscription.

Get the personalVPN Pro for $29.74 (reg. $69) with code PREZ2021. 

Don’t want to deal with a third-party VPN? Then Hop VPN is your perfect pick, as it lets you access popular sites from anywhere without dealing with geographic restrictions. You’ll be able to make public WiFi spots secure, and people won’t be able to spy on your internet activity. You’ll get lifetime access with this one and can use it on up to five devices per license.

Get the Hop VPN: Lifetime Subscription for $33.99 (reg. $148) with code PREZ2021. 

If you want to set up a private VPN server in your home or office, UTunnel lets you do that and more. You need no technical expertise to set it up, and you’ll be able to use five devices simultaneously connected to your VPN server.

Get the UTunnel VPN Basic License (5 Devices) + Bring Your Own Server: 1-Yr Subscription for $33.99 (reg. $60) with code PREZ2021. 

IPVanish lets you surf the web without leaving a trace. Your identifying IP address will be concealed, there’s a zero-logging policy and ISPs won’t interfere with your connection.

Get the IPVanish VPN: 1-Yr Subscription for $24.65 (reg. $143) with code PREZ2021. 

Don’t fall victim to hackers, let BelkaVPN protect you from data theft by using a virtual encryption shield “tunneL” to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. You’ll gain access to lifetime security that you can use on up to 10 devices at once.

Get the BelkaVPN: Lifetime Subscription for $33.99 (reg. $719) with code PREZ2021. 

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