It is really been a wild 7 days at Robinhood.

On Thursday, the company announced it will start out allowing for consumers to buy GameStop shares on Friday.

Robinhood halted obtaining for numerous stocks — which include GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, and Nokia — on Wednesday, citing substantial volatility. Notably, these are the stocks that have gotten in the crosshairs of Reddit trader group r/wallstreetbets, who are purchasing them en masse and betting versus enormous hedge resources that have been relentlessly shorting (advertising in anticipation of shopping for more cost-effective afterwards) these shares in new months and several years (study the total saga right here).

This failed to sit very well with shoppers, who commenced leaving the platform and going to other buying and selling apps. Deliberately or not, Robinhood’s shift was encouraging GameStop shorters, as it stopped tens of millions of traders from driving the value of GameStop increased up.

Now, Robinhood clarifies this was not the case.

“Amid this week’s incredible situation in the industry, we made a tricky selection today to temporarily limit obtaining for specified securities. As a brokerage business, we have quite a few monetary specifications, together with SEC internet funds obligations and clearinghouse deposits. Some of these demands fluctuate primarily based on volatility in the marketplaces and can be substantial in the current atmosphere,” the firm wrote in a site post. “To be crystal clear, this was a risk-management determination, and was not created on the course of the marketplace makers we route to.”

In accordance to The New York Moments, Robinhood also raised $1 billion from its traders, in get to much better cope with the large quantity, it has a short while ago said.

At first, Robinhood will only enable “restricted purchases” of the restricted securities, with details obtainable below. The business suggests it’s going to continue to keep monitoring industry ailments, and inevitably restore total buying and selling for these securities.