Motorola’s technique in the smartphone industry appears to be to be best described as “throw every little thing at a wall and see which sticks.” Its phones are all in excess of the place, from an high-priced foldable to a handful of mid-variety phones to spending budget-friendly, entry-stage handsets.

As if that weren’t plenty of, Motorola has entered into a partnership that will create but an additional line of Motorola phones that might not really bear Motorola’s DNA within.

You could not be familiar with the Bullitt Group but you may well be common with at minimum a person of the two smartphones the firm sells. Licensing the names from their respective owners, CAT and Land Rover telephones boast to be some of the most rugged phones in the cell sector and frequently glance the aspect. Now Motorola and Bullitt are teaming up in what is explained as a “global strategic brand name partnership” for Motorola-branded rugged telephones.

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It’s not that Motorola does not have its individual rugged line of phones, or at least experienced just one. These took on diverse names, from Motorola DROID to the Moto Z Power, based on the company’s marketing system at that time. This time, it may not be building these rugged phones alone.

Supplied the Bullitt Group’s precise small business, this partnership indicates that the enterprise will make the phones and then slap Motorola’s name everywhere you go. As much as the earth is worried, this could possibly really effectively be a Motorola mobile phone, adding to the dizzying range of styles less than its model.

That stated, CAT and Land Rover rugged phones have not particularly been noteworthy for their characteristics aside from their sturdiness and a Motorola-branded Bullitt cell phone might not even make a dent in Motorola’s gains. This, even so, may also hint at a person other way Motorola could keep afloat, licensing its brand name to other telephone makers the way BlackBerry did and, shortly, LG as effectively.

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