Moon, 66 Questions, prepared and directed by Jacqueline Lentzou, follows the tale of Artemis (Sofia Kokkali) who is distant from her father, Paris (Lazaros Georgakopoulos). But because of to his deteriorating overall health, she will come to just take treatment of him, for the duration of which she will get to understand him carefully and really like him for the first time. The movie has a breezy, free-flowing tone to it which is masterfully taken care of by Lentzou, cinematographer Konstantinos Koukoulios, editor Smaro Papavangelou, and the sales opportunities. Even so, immediately after the movie’s second act, it falls prey to the age-aged Baghban influence.

The Baghban outcome is like a psychological drug that’s administered to you considering the fact that you had been born by insecure parents and family. It is so ingrained into one’s psyche, specially if they are from India, that the really imagined of the point that their dad and mom can be flawed persons will send out them into a hissy match. The idea that young children can be persons and ought to be in a position to hold their mom and dad liable for their actions rather of about them as “gods” is virtually way too a great deal for them to tackle. It is unusual that just (Or practically. It’s really near) a person yr ago, I had talked about the Baghban effect even though reviewing Angrezi Medium, and listed here I am yet again exploring it additional for the Berlinale 2021 release, Moon, 66 Questions or Selene 66 Questions.

Moon, 66 Concerns is published and directed by Jacqueline Lentzou. It is generated by Fenia Cossovitsa, Fiorella Moretti, and Hédi Zardi. The new music is by Delphine Malaussena, cinematography by Konstantinos Koukoulios, modifying by Smaro Papaevangelou, casting by Makis Gazis, production layout by Stavros Liokalos, dialogue modifying by Chara Konstadara, foley by Nikos Linardopoulos, audio style and sound editing supervision by Leandros Ntounis, visual outcomes supervision by Giannis Ageladopoulos. It mainly capabilities Lazaros Georgakopoulos and Sofia Kokkali. The formal synopsis for the motion picture reads: “After yrs of distance, Artemis (Kokkali) has to get back to Athens owing to her father’s (Georgakopoulos) frail condition of health and fitness. Finding her father’s nicely-stored top secret will allow Artemis to realize her father, in a way she was not capable prior to, hence really like him certainly for the 1st time.”

Moon, 66 Issues attempts to unpack a sophisticated father-daughter romantic relationship but falls prey to some regressive tropes.

I will not deny the truth that we have come a very long way in terms of depicting parent-baby relationships on-display screen. Earlier it utilized to be regressively simple. A very good, abundant, religious guardian equals to a good, spiritual child. A bad, poor, unreligious dad or mum equals a negative, unreligious child. Now, it has develop into nuanced as our observations have obtained some amount of diversity. We see on-display screen parents who are “good” and “religious” but are forcing their youngsters to go for let’s say conversion remedy. On the flip-facet, we are seeing households that are not so perfectly-to-do but are urging their youngsters to teach by themselves. Like Moon, 66 Issues, quite a few movies and demonstrates are delving into origins, familial background, and how they can be studied to realize our conduct. But right after all that when a tale boils points down to “take care of your mother and father no make a difference what they are”, I really don’t like it.

Berlinale 2021

Without spoiling nearly anything, there is a pretty explicit scene, proven as a result of Artemis’s perspective that the relationship between her and Paris was fairly abusive and neglectful in nature. We also get to see that Artemis’s kinfolk only feign enable from a length. So, following all this, why is this intended to be some healthful motion picture about a father and a daughter coming collectively? It sends these a regressive message, specially to a country like India (And I will converse precisely about India since I’m an Indian) in which gals are continue to in the method of normalising living independently. This can absolutely be coming from Jacqueline’s practical experience and this is my reaction to that primarily based on my expertise of observing mom and dad guilt-tripping their daughters from having on positions due to the fact “anth mein beti nahi dekhegi toh kaun dekhegi?” At the very least clearly show some redeeming qualities to make the character even take into consideration what she’s performing. Nope. Parent equals blind respect.

Moon, 66 Queries’ editing and cinematography make it a breezy watch even with owning some complicated scenes.

Not like Angrezi Medium, I wasn’t annoyed with Moon, 66 Thoughts inspite of its borderline problematic narrative storytelling. That is simply because it’s so relaxing to view. There is a sizable total of dialogue but as much as I try to remember, the variety of non-verbal sequences clearly eclipse the kinds with folks conversing in it. Commonly, you would believe that which is an easy factor to do. But I assure you it is a lot, considerably extra hard. You just can’t just stage a digicam and make the actor appear into the distance in a poignant method and hope for the audience to job themselves onto them. The foley has to be best. The framing has to be great. On major of that, it requirements to have enough aspects to reveal the subtext of that component of the script. And in my genuine impression, Jacqueline walks this very fantastic line brilliantly.

Berlinale 2021

I will confess that I haven’t viewed a whole lot of Jacqueline’s perform. But from what I collected although looking at this, I guess I can say that she has immense manage over her visuals. The whole yoga mat scene and the two scenes with the two various caregivers are excellent illustrations of that. During the complete yoga mat scene, you can listen to the crunching of the potato chips, which tells you so much about what I feel is Artemis’s niece or cousin. More importantly, it tells you so a great deal about her moms and dads and the worth technique they are installing in her head. And all that isn’t verbally dealt with. However, if you know, you know. The exact same can be reported about the caregiver scenes wherever the priority need to be choosing the caregiver for various causes but you sense that all the power is becoming diverted to the skills of Artemis’s niece/cousin. Subtle and wonderful things.

It in no way seems like Lazaros Georgakopoulos and Sofia Kokkali are even acting, and I signify it in the most beneficial way doable.

I believe this is the finest compliment that an actor can ever attain. That it hardly ever appeared like they were performing. That implies that they experienced long gone so deep into the character that they experienced neglected about their personalized mannerisms and had certainly grow to be the character. It looks uncomplicated but test living in an individual else’s household and behaving as if you have lived there for good though a camera’s on you burning crucial filming hrs. As far as I try to remember, it was Boman Irani who had reported that you should really follow anything about a character to the extent exactly where your actions grow to be like them. And you will see that in Kokkali’s circumstance. Anything from the way she walks, to the way she appears to be like, picks up a cigarette, talks to herself, etc., it seems like she has completed it so several periods as Artemis that she has actually blurred the traces amongst character and actor.

Berlinale 2021

Lazaros Georgakopoulos’s perform ought to have been a large amount more tricky than that as his movements were being a great deal additional restricted. But mentally he experienced to exude that kind of a feeling that he was the boss of that residence. The argument about irrespective of whether a person as bodily challenged as Paris should’ve played the part, which normally occurs when a physically challenged character is at the heart, possibly doesn’t implement here. Which is simply because a man or woman with that variety of neural problems in all probability would not be looking for an performing job (I am expressing “probably” simply because who am I to say anything with absolute certainty). So, in that feeling, Georgakopoulos does a commendable work of exhibiting the discomfort, mental and physical, becoming felt by a individual who will never ever stroll or be equipped to express on their own effectively, specifically when their estranged daughter is attempting to link with them. As cynical as I am about the story, that final scene did hit me.

Last verdict.

Moon, 66 Issues is a mixed movie. If I am talking about the tale, it’s an important topic and it has been dissected in element. But while putting it back with each other to mail a information, it has carried out some regressive shit which I didn’t like it at all. I stand firmly by my view that your dad and mom should really be judged on the foundation of who they are as persons and not only the foundation of the truth that they gave start to you. Every thing else about the motion picture in terms of how it appears to be like and how it flows is fantastic and characteristics two of the greatest performances you are heading to see this yr. So yeah, that’s how the cookie has crumbled right here.

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