Tech giants like the likes of Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and VMWare have signed right now an amicus short in aid of Facebook’s lawsuit towards the NSO Team, an Israeli corporation that makes and sells hacking tools to overseas governments.

Other than the 4, the amicus short was also signed by Microsoft subsidiaries GitHub and LinkedIn, but also by the Internet Affiliation, an industry foyer team symbolizing tens of other tech providers, these types of as Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, PayPal, eBay, Uber, and several other folks.

The amicus short was filed in a lawsuit Fb submitted from the NSO Group in Oct 2019.

At the time, Fb explained the NSO Team designed an exploit towards the WhatsApp mobile app that it afterwards bought to its govt contractors.

A subsequent investigation found out that the exploit was made use of to install malware on the phones of additional than 1,400 WhatsApp customers, together with lawyers, journalists, human legal rights activists, political dissidents, diplomats, and other senior overseas governing administration officials.

Fb argued that the NSO Team was committing a criminal offense. In the months that adopted the first lawsuit, the NSO Group fought the lawful situation by arguing that it was basically providing computer software to its governing administration contractors.

With modern amicus quick, the signatories want to present the judge they stand with FAcebook’s posture on the make a difference of third-bash-produced hacking tools.

In a blog post published earlier right now detailing its choice to indication the amicus brief [PDF], Microsoft argued that organizations like the NSO Group, which are typically referred to as cyber mercenaries or PSOAs (private-sector offensive actors), are now functioning in a lawful grey place, with no policies.

Tom Burt, Microsoft’s Company Vice President of Consumer Protection & Trust, claims that the NSO Group is trying to build a perilous legal precedent in the Fb case by “trying to cloak itself in the authorized immunity afforded [to] its authorities clients, which would defend it from accountability when its weapons inflict damage on innocent people today and companies.”

Burt, along with the other amicus transient signatories, argued that the development, use, and administration of hacking equipment really should be restricted to governments only, as governments are issue to international legislation and diplomatic repercussions for their actions that a business like the NSO Team is not.

“We think the NSO Group’s business product is perilous and that this sort of immunity would allow it and other PSOAs to keep on their unsafe business with out legal policies, obligations or repercussions,” Burt explained.

A spokesperson for the NSO Team did not return a ask for for remark.