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There is been a flurry of leaks about Intel’s forthcoming Rocket Lake desktop CPUs, and it details in opposite directions as far as what to count on from the CPU.

Most not too long ago, there are some SiSoft Sandra final results by way of THG that display an 8C/16T Rocket Lake chip running below the functionality of a Ryzen 3 3300X with a claimed 1.8GHz base clock and a 4.4GHz increase clock. Very last week, knowledge from Ashes of the Singularity and Geekbench implied that the new CPU was an approximate match for the Ryzen 7 5800X. Both can’t be legitimate, but the better, better figures are additional most likely to be precise. The additional modern benefits may perhaps replicate an early CPU, decreased-than-claimed clocks, a reduced-watt TDP portion, or some other attribute that would effect the relative comparison.

Rocket Lake utilizes Intel’s Cypress Cove architecture on a 14nm process. Cypress Cove is fundamentally Intel’s Sunny Cove (Ice Lake) CPU main, backported to 14nm. Sunny Cove, if you recall, was a genuine IPC uplift for Intel, but it traded back nearly as substantially frequency as it attained in IPC. As a final result, CPU effectiveness in lots of applications was flat on a core-for-main or clock-for-clock basis.

The difficulties that compelled decreased clocks on Intel’s 10nm node with Ice Lake, nonetheless, never exist on the more mature 14nm node — and that, in change, indicates that Intel really should be in a position to supply a net CPU effectiveness advancement with this change. At the exact same time, bigger IPC normally calls for more electricity intake at a presented frequency, and Intel minimize the whole amount of CPU cores on this chip to eight, down from 10. We really should also anticipate to see signs of higher for every-core ability use.


This picture, from WCCFTech, summarizes some GeekBench 5 effectiveness outcomes from very last week. In contrast to the Sandra benefits, this data appears to be accurately like what we’d predict.

The Main i9-10900K is 17 % slower in single-main testing, implying that Rocket Lake retains all of Comet Lake’s clock at 14nm and totally advantages from its IPC uplift. On paper, the Main i9-10900K’s 10 cores must be 25 % a lot quicker than the unnamed RKL CPU’s 8, but in exercise, it is only about 1.12x quicker. As we theorized, higher IPC from the RKL CPU will help to compensate for the lowered selection of cores.

The Core i7-10700K’s relative functionality is also interesting, in particular if you take into consideration them in contrast with, say, AMD’s improvements from the 3950X to the 5950X. In AMD’s scenario, the 5950X gains far more effectiveness from the 3950X in 1T method than it does at whole load, partly due to the fact both CPUs bump up from the power boundaries baked into all AM4 motherboards. The actuality that the RKL CPU can conquer the Core i7-10700K by 22 p.c in 1T but only by 9 per cent in multi-threading suggests that the clock hole concerning the two cores is larger in one particular manner than the other.

These benefits also in good shape with what we know about Intel’s solution plans and techniques these past couple of decades. The firm has been emphasizing solitary-threaded burst functionality and brief-duration workloads, and leaning on categories like gaming, which it nevertheless gained a lot more frequently than it misplaced till the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 sequence a several months ago.

By the way, this details also indicates rough parity in between RKL and the Ryzen 5000 collection on a core for main foundation. AMD’s desktop system would however provide far more full cores than Intel, enabling for increased maximum effectiveness in a one socket, but early facts suggests Intel will nonetheless be in a considerably superior situation when the new chips debut at the close of March. With core-for every-core parity, Intel could even get an in general price tag/efficiency leadership situation in selected match-ups, ought to it choose to selling price to do so.

As generally, get all rumors, leaks, and equivalencies with a grain of salt.

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