Head above to Configurations > Battery, and then into Battery Wellbeing and Apple gives you a lot of data about your iPhone’s battery.

But you can find one range that Apple isn’t going to give you — how numerous instances your Apple iphone has been recharged.

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Now, this is quite a important selection, given that rechargeable batteries have a selection of recharge cycles in them prior to they are regarded as worn. This is accurate of all rechargeable batteries, not just the a single in your Iphone.

Apple has released data about recharge cycles and how they have an affect on batteries. This is what they say about the Apple iphone:

“Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its primary potential at 500 comprehensive cost cycles.”

Also, there is more details on this web page, which goes into far more detail.

But the bottom line is that you can anticipate to get 500 recharge cycles out of your battery ahead of it truly is beneath 80 p.c and thought of worn.

Be aware: A “recharge cycle” is how several instances a battery has been discharged, and not how lots of moments it has gone from 100 per cent to zero. So, if you get started the day with a total battery, and you just take it down to 50 per cent, recharge it, and then get it to 50 % right before charging it once again, which is one cycle. You can go by way of several recharge cycles in a single working day, or above numerous times.

But how do you know how lots of recharge cycles your battery has been by means of?

Apple does not tell you.

In the earlier I’ve been employing a Mac application called coconutBattery to pull this info from my Iphone. On the other hand, I recently came throughout (through Reddit) a way to get at this information without needing an app.

But it’s a little bit fiddly at just one issue.

  • Head about to Configurations > Privateness > Analytics & Improvements
  • Tap on Analytics Info
  • Scroll down to log-aggregated-2021-01-16-xxxxxx.ips (see the day in the file name along with the numbers, and decide the latest file from the checklist)
  • Now will come the monotonous part… you can both duplicate and paste this into the Notes app (scrolling to do the duplicate is a ache in the rear), or, what I do is I e mail it to myself and look at it on a laptop or desktop
  • In whichever application you’ve opened the file in, lookup for BatteryCycleCount, and that will give you your recharge cycles

And there you go.

iOS battery recharge cycle count