Alright, there is new meme-fodder in town and it is equally hilarious. Like you know Twitter is a breeding ground for likely guffaws and persons who like to chat (read tweet) about the exact same guffaws. So, when a picture of a groom, all decked up for his wedding ceremony evening, sitting down at a computer when his newly-wed bride waits surfaced on the web, Twitterverse manufactured it a point to transform into a conversing place with an apt slug – ‘Hold on babe!’

It doesn’t make any difference that the continue to appears to be like a screengrab from a B-quality serial, memers have arrived and how! Making use of their imagination and collective effort in churning out trends, the keepers of humorous business have kicked off a mem-fest on Twitter. From the threatening contact of the next tweet by Kangana Ranaut to the urge to check out notifications on Twitter, there is an array and then some much more. Check out out all reactions listed here:

I really don’t know the origin of the photo and the story guiding it but I’m absolutely sure that will flip up as well, supplied the rate at which Twitter has turned it into a factor. Also, to all the to-be-grooms out there, really don’t do this! Unless you want to snooze on the couch! Ouch.

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