It is really remarkably effortless to file an investor complaint with the Securities and Exchange Fee. 

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that you experienced a legit, effectively-launched grievance against a inventory-trading app. It’s possible, and this is just a hypothetical, the app — seemingly to guard its personal desire versus that of its users — locked you out of sure trades. 

That’d be a bummer, correct? In addition to any prospective economic loses you may knowledge, there’s a actual probability you could conclude up emotion indignant, pissed off, sad, despondent, or all of the above. And though confident, the speedy damage is presently done, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re powerless. 

Due to the fact as the web has shown us time and time once again, tons or people, taking coordinating action, can have an outsized influence. If only there was a new instance of that quite point. Hm. Oh well. 

But again to our hypothetical. If you ended up wronged by the unnamed inventory-buying and selling application, you could, say, sign up for onto a class action lawsuit. Or, if you wanted far more instant gratification, you could file an trader complaint with the SEC. 

To do so, all you would have to have to do is fill out the correct trader criticism variety and click “submit type” when you are completed. And hey, the procedure might even be cathartic. 

Tell them about your self.

“Make sure you explain your criticism in as significantly element as possible, together with the comprehensive title(s) on the account, the exact sort of account, the dates of particular transactions or conversations, the title or ticker symbol of the protection(ies) involved, and the names of all the individuals at the agency you have contacted about this grievance,” asks the sort. 

Which is appropriate, the SEC wants to hear from you. The SEC, compared with unnamed inventory-trading applications, might truly (maybe) care about retail buyers. 

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And hey, you hardly ever know! A strongly worded letter could in fact (for as soon as) do one thing.