Saying that 2020 was “tumultuous” will be an understatement. It was something that none of us could have ever imagined. Was it avoidable? It’s possible, if the leaders of every single one nation would have kept their politics on the side and joined to save humanity. But because they didn’t and held doing all varieties of shitty stuff, which then trickled into the minds of the popular folk who also commenced to do shitty things, a substantial range of individuals have been forced to remain in their residences with social media as their only outlet concerning, very well, almost everything. Our consumption of shows, films, and so forth., grew exponentially. So, Twitter India has been sort ample to allow us know what y’all have talked about.

With out any further more ado, let us start off.

Most Retweeted Tweet in Indian Entertainment: Vijay’s selfie with his followers from February 2020.

Most Liked and Quoted Tweet in Indian Amusement: Amitabh Bachchan shared his analysis of COVID-19 and spread awareness about the virus.

Most Retweeted, Favored and Quoted Tweet in Worldwide Leisure (in India): The Tweet sharing late Chadwick Boseman’s unlucky demise resulted in an outpour of appreciate, appreciation, grief and regard from people today across the country.

Most Tweeted about Hindi movies – Introduced in 2020

Most Tweeted about Internet Sequence and Tv Shows of 2020 in India

Even though it is really good to revel in the constructive things that have happened in 2020, I think it’ll be erroneous to not level out the complete asinine stuff that have gone around, courtesy of numerous Indian superstars from the entire world of amusement, with the major illustration getting Kangana Ranaut. And I imagine that it’ll be wrong to not level out the lack of engagement from the faces of Indian entertainment when it arrives to shining some gentle on the a lot of regressive social and cultural difficulties that have created its way to Twitter. So, heading into 2021, I sincerely hope that we appropriate these aspects of Indian amusement, even though continuing to talk about our favourite videos, displays, small films, and famous people.

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