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Additional than 85,000 SQL databases are now on sale on a dark internet portal for a value of only $550/database.

The portal, brought to ZDNet‘s awareness earlier now by a stability researcher, is section of a database ransom plan that has been heading on because the begin of 2020.

Hackers have been breaking into SQL databases, downloading tables, deleting the originals, and leaving ransom notes guiding, telling server house owners to speak to the attackers to get their information again.

When first ransom notes requested victims to get hold of the attackers through e mail, as the procedure grew all over the yr, the attackers also automatic their DB ransom plan with the assist of a internet portal, first hosted on the web at and, and then moved an Onion tackle, on the dark website.


Image: ZDNet

Victims who obtain the gang’s internet sites are requested to enter a distinctive ID, found in the the ransom take note, right before being offered with the site where by their facts is being offered.


Picture: ZDNet

Image: ZDNet

If victims really don’t pay out in a nine-working day period of time, their data is place up for auction on yet another area of the portal.


Graphic: ZDNet

Impression: ZDNet

The price for recovering or buying a stolen SQL databases have to be compensated in bitcoin. The precise price tag has varied across the 12 months as the BTC/USD trade rate fluctuated but has typically remained centered about a $500 figure for each and every web-site, irrespective of the information they included.

This indicates that both equally the DB intrusions and the ransom/auction net webpages are automated and that attackers do not review the hacked databases for data that could incorporate a higher focus of personal or fiscal information.

Past assaults are uncomplicated to identify as the team has typically placed their ransom demands in SQL tables titled “WARNING.” Dependent on issues ZDNet has reviewed for this article, most of the databases appear to be MySQL servers on the other hand, we really don’t rule out that other SQL relational database techniques like PostgreSQL and MSSQL could have been strike as effectively.

Symptoms of these ransom assaults have been piling up above the training course of 2020, with the range of complaints from server house owners finding the ransom observe within their databases popping up on Reddit, the MySQL message boards, tech support boards, Medium posts, and private blogs.

Bitcoin addresses utilized for the ransom calls for have also been piling up on [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8], a site that indexes Bitcoin addresses used in cybercrime operations.

These assaults mark the most concerted effort to ransom SQL databases considering the fact that the winter of 2017 when hackers strike MySQL servers in a series of assaults that also specific MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Cassandra, and CouchDB servers as nicely.