A exceptional fossilized tree has been observed with its branches and roots totally unscathed, even right after 20 million a long time! The tree was noticed by Greek researchers on the volcanic island of Lesbos, reviews Reuters.

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The Lesbos’ petrified forest is a 15,000-hectare, UNESCO-protected internet site, is the final result of a volcanic eruption 20 million decades in the past which damaged the island’s then subtropical forest ecosystem and coated the overall region with lava and ash. In accordance to Professor Nikos Zouros of the Museum of Organic History of the Petrified Forest of Lesbos, this is the 1st time when a tree has been spotted in these a very good affliction ever considering that its excavations began in 1995.

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The fossilized tree was spotted in the course of roadwork near an ancient forest petrified thousands and thousands of yrs ago on the eastern Mediterranean island. In case you’re unaware, the expression ‘petrified forest’ refers to a forest where trees were buried in wonderful-grained sediments of deltas and floodplains or volcanic lahars and ash beds. So, a forest wherever this substance gets to be petrified is called a petrified forest. Petrified forests are considered, it is regarded best for adventure, exploration, and discovery.

“It is a one of a kind find. It is preserved in superb ailment and from finding out the fossilized wooden we will be ready to recognize the style of plant it arrives from,” reported Zouros. He additional extra that various forests that existed amongst 17 and 20 million decades ago on Lesbos are staying uncovered. “We can reconstruct the ecosystem that existed throughout that period”. The tree is about 19 metres long and was preserved by a thick layer of volcanic ash just after it fell.

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