The US Commerce Office declared Friday that Chinese chipmaker SMIC and a bevy of other Chinese-based technology companies have been included to its Entity Listing, which contains vendors banned from trading with US providers on the grounds of nationwide stability. 

In accordance to stories, drone developer DJI Know-how is amongst the providers that had been just added to the listing, presumably for its job in providing drones to the Chinese govt.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross mentioned the Entity List constraints are “a required measure to make sure that China, via its nationwide champion SMIC, is not capable to leverage US technologies to permit indigenous highly developed engineering degrees to aid its destabilizing navy actions.”

“We will not allow advanced US technologies to help develop the navy of an progressively belligerent adversary.  In between SMIC’s interactions of concern with the army industrial complicated, China’s intense software of armed service civil fusion mandates and condition-directed subsidies, SMIC correctly illustrates the threats of China’s leverage of US engineering to guidance its armed forces modernization,” explained Ross. 

Chinese tech large Huawei has been the US Entity Listing considering that Might 2019. In August, the US authorities expanded its limitations on Huawei by barring it from purchasing chips created by overseas manufacturers using US technological know-how. The US also set a ban on US companies from purchasing, installing, or employing international-produced telecommunications devices, citing cyber-espionage fears.