Lenovo introduced its ThinkReality A3 intelligent-eyeglasses before nowadays, which is centered on its ThinkReality augmented reality platform.

The new intelligent-eyeglasses involve Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chipset, which is built for combined truth, and has stereoscopic 1080p displays. The A3 sits beside the ThinkReality A6 in the lineup that machine was released in 2019 and has a Snapdragon 845.

“The A3 is a upcoming-generation augmented fact resolution – light, impressive and functional. The clever eyeglasses are part of a thorough integrated electronic remedy from Lenovo that contains the superior AR machine, ThinkReality application, and Motorola mobile phones. No matter if doing work in virtual areas or supporting distant support, the ThinkReality A3 boosts workers’ capabilities to do far more where ever they are,” reported Jon Pershke, Lenovo Vice President of System and Emerging Enterprise, Smart Machine Team.

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The ThinkReality A3 does need to be tethered to both a Computer system or a Motorola smartphone with a Snapdragon 8-collection chipset. The Computer version is for digital displays, of which there can be up to five. This will truly let you operate Windows on a comprehensive keep an eye on, operate applications, and so on. It is basically working with the headset as a keep track of but with the compute happening in the Pc.

Then there is certainly the Industrial Version, which is what’s designed to be employed with Motorola smartphones. This is produced for AR use scenarios in get the job done environments, and it uses the ThinkReality platform. This can be applied for 3D visualization, modeling, and so on.

The ThinkReality A3 is coming to select markets in mid-2021.

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