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Christopher Nolan’s Films As Video Games? ‘Tenet’ Director Is On Board With The Idea

It is a truth universally acknowledged that video sport movies are cursed. And online video online games dependent on films put up with from comparable obstructions together with supporter scrutiny. Each individual adaptation between the mediums has come with a reasonable share of critique. But what if Inception or Tenet were being turned into online […]

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Myst’s Oculus Quest Makeover Is The Coolest Way To Revisit This Classic

Ditch that CD-ROM push and CRT monitor — you do not need to have them to perform Myst anymore. Perfectly, to be fair, you haven’t wanted them for a when. 1991’s island-based mostly puzzle box Myst has been remade and re-introduced what feels like 20 moments now across a wide variety of platforms, but none […]

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