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Reliance doubles equity stake of magnetic levitation transportation startup skyTran

Reliance Industries has acquired a bulk stake in transportation startup skyTran, which is a developer of transportation devices consisting of laptop or computer-managed passenger pods. Spending pretty much $26.8 million, Reliance has doubled its fairness stake in the company to now hold a 54.46% share on a thoroughly diluted foundation. SkyTran’s transportation devices use a […]

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Best generator in 2021 | ZDNet

With the ever-present risk of power loss, and making sure you keep your critical power demands running, you might be considering buying a whole-house generator or standby generator for your home. Knowing what features you need for your home generator and understanding the power needs is significant so you can buy the correct size of […]

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Singapore eyes more cameras, technology to boost law enforcement

Singapore is on the lookout to expand its use of cameras and technological know-how to much better assistance legislation enforcers and first responders. These involve strategies to tap sensors, video analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and drones to relieve manpower shortages and strengthen assistance efficiencies.  As it is, the police have deployed just about 90,000 […]

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