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Despite Reports, Sony Probably Isn’t Losing Money on Every PlayStation 5

This internet site could make affiliate commissions from the backlinks on this website page. Terms of use. Sony has introduced its FY Q3 2020 earnings report, which includes details on the PlayStation 5’s revenue general performance. The company’s overall effectiveness was solid, with earnings up 9 per cent and working income up 20 per cent. […]

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Why You Can’t Future-Proof Your Gaming PC

Talk to anyone about building a new PC, and the question of longevity is going to pop up sooner rather than later. Any time someone is dropping serious cash for a hardware upgrade they’re going to have questions about how long it will last them, especially if they’ve been burned before. But how much additional […]

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The Worst CPUs Ever Made

It’s time to revisit some of the worst CPUs ever built. To make it on to this list, a CPU needed to be fundamentally broken, as opposed to simply being poorly positioned or slower than expected. The annals of history are already stuffed with mediocre products that didn’t quite meet expectations but weren’t truly bad. […]

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