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‘Behind Her Eyes’ Review: A British Show That Switches From Adult Drama To Supernatural Horror Seamlessly

Powering Her Eyes, directed by Erik Richter Strand and prepared by Steve Lightfoot, Sarah Pinborough, and Angela LaManna, follows the tale of Louise (Simona Brown) who finds herself in the center of Adele (Eve Hewson) and David’s (Tom Bateman) tumultuous relationship. And as Louise grows nearer to each of them, she realises that there’s some […]

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Exclusive Interview: Directors Gerard Bush And Christopher Renz On ‘Antebellum’, Racial Horror, And More

Disclaimer: This interview with Antebellum administrators Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz was done on September 29, 2020. Be wary of spoilers for the film. Antebellum is a single of those people motion pictures that no matter whether you dislike it or like it, you are surely going to be chatting about it. As per its […]

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‘Antebellum’ Review: Janelle Monáe Led Film Is Too Busy Building Up To Its Great Twist

Antebellum, penned and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, follows two storylines. A single is that of Eden (Janelle Monáe), a slave at a cotton plantation, and the other is that of Vernoica Henley (Also Monáe), a renowned sociologist. And in an endeavor to clearly show how their stories coincide with every other, Bush […]

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‘Equinox’ Review: ‘Dark’ Meets ‘Stranger Things’ In This Danish Netflix Series And The Result Is Meh!

Equinox, established by Tea Lindeburg, directed by Søren Balle and Mads Matthiesen, and created by Mette Kruse, Tue Walin Storm, Andreas Garfield, Jacob Katz Hansen, Bo Mikkelsen, and Mie Skjoldemose, is centered close to the disappearance of the course of 1999 of a Danish city, with the exception of 3 students. A couple a long […]

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