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Apple Patents Keyboard With Configurable Keys That Use Tiny Displays For Each Key

Laptop keyboards haven’t truly improved much in excess of the a long time. Some keys have developed further functions and the Fn and Ctrl keys on laptops continue to keep switching spots but that regular set of keys and their arrangements are really considerably set in stone. That tends to make it challenging and even […]

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Report: Apple Ignored its Partners’ Repeated Violations of Chinese Labor Laws

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. There have been two recent reports that paint Apple in a damning light when it comes to caring about the health and well-being of the workers that build its products. One concerns the long-term hiring practices of Apple’s factory partners […]

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Apple May Launch A More-Capable M1X Chip For Its Upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple introduced its 1st M1-equipped Macs back in November and almoist everyone portion of the tech group was pretty skeptical of the firm’s frustratingly imprecise effectiveness statements through the digital keynote. Nevertheless, with gadgets in hand, the early assessments proved that Apple has a winner on its arms with the 8-core M1 (4 effectiveness cores, […]

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