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Fancy A Croissant With Vada? Cause Twitter Is Serving Shade If You Do

Alright, I really don’t know about but Twitter has come to be triggering in additional methods than one. And I’m not just talking about poisonous mentions and the countless pit of incessant trolling. I’m speaking about random food items tendencies that conclusion up likely viral lead to that’s just how Twitter works, amirite? I imply, […]

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Woman Chokes On A Shawl In Logic-Defying Scene From TV Show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ And We’re Not Surprised

It is no news that Indian Television set is not like something out there. From the standard to the script and from jigs to the plot twists, the telly is stuffed with all kinds of tips except nuance. And yes, I’m putting it modestly. Apart from the regressive tropes that never belong in the today’s […]

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In Today’s Edition Of Bizarre News, Someone Bought Cow Dung Cakes From Amazon. It Was Apparently “Muddy” In Taste!

The world wide web is a unusual, unusual put. Sure, it brings persons nearer when they’re not currently being unpleasant to each individual other in opinions or replies. But generally, it is random facts about random matters peddled by strangers who would do anything at all for hits, you know? Even if not there just […]

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Video: Butter Chai Is The Worst Thing To Have Happened To Tea Since Chai Latte

I really do not know about you but I’m an ardent chai lover. A accurate one who couldn’t be dissuaded with the attraction of the widely-hashtagged Dalgona Espresso in the first months of quarantine. So you can envision my horror when somebody says or proposes to include salty butter to my best sanity concoction. There […]

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