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Ted Cruz’s Vacation And The Mars Rover Landing Coincide In A Meme

There may perhaps not be signals of daily life on Mars still, but Twitter users had enjoyment imagining it.  After seven months en route, NASA’s Perseverance efficiently landed on the pink earth on Thursday. Perseverance is the fifth American rover on Mars, joining its predecessor Curiosity, which landed in 2012. Soon following landing, Perseverance sent […]

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Champ And Major Biden, Our New First Dogs, Have Moved Into The White House

Puppies are back in the White Household. Following four many years of a dog-significantly less Trump administration, Main and Champ, President Joe Biden’s pups, have officially moved into the White Household residence immediately after they produced the journey to their new D.C. home on Sunday. CNN’s John Berman did a funny section on the news […]

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10 Of The Best, Most Influential K-pop Performances Of 2020

This yr noticed a ton of amazing K-pop performances, from at the KBS Tune Festival, to Sunghoon’s figure skating through , to quite significantly every single phase on Highway to Kingdom. Each individual K-pop stage demands idols give their all, thrilling fans with exactly coordinated choreography and enviable vocal performances, and they are consistently enhancing. […]

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Chestnuts Roasting On A Dumpster Fire: 16 Extremely 2020 Yule Log Videos

If you have not had more than enough of the earth remaining figuratively and virtually on hearth all calendar year, and your dopamine receptors are however operating following months of doomscrolling, you might still be equipped to derive some joy from the basic pleasure of a Yuletide Log online video. The flickering, homey visible has […]

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8 Hottest Electric Vehicles Hitting The Road In 2021

While 2021 isn’t likely going to bring the salvation we’re all hoping for, it’s still on track to bring us some of the biggest innovations for the next generation of electric vehicles.  Almost all of the highly anticipated EVs are compact (or massive, ahem, Hummer) SUVs, following the popularity of Tesla’s Model Y that came […]

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Leslie Jones Live-Tweeting MSNBC Makes Watching The News Kind Of…Fun

Leslie Jones Twitter commentary helps make anything better. You very likely have fond reminiscences of the actor and comedian dwell-tweeting the 2016 Olympics, but if you missed these tweets all you definitely need to have to know is that they were so very good that they secures Jones an invite to the real games. She […]

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