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Sundance ‘Censor’ Review: A Surreal Horror Film That’s So Relevant Due To The Rise In Censorship

Censor, directed by Prano Bailey-Bond and composed by Anthony Fletcher and Prano, tells the story of a demanding film censor Enid (Niamh Algar) and her initiatives to “protect” society from online video horrible i.e. small-finances horror and exploitation films through the 80’s. And when her lifestyle is upended by a motion picture whose plot is […]

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‘History Of Swear Words’ Review: A Fun Binge Watch In The Streets, But An Educational Lesson In The Sheets

Background of Swear Phrases, government generated by Bellamie Blackstone and Christopher D’Elia and published by Joe Randazzo, Joel Boyd, and Sara Schaefer, is about, as the title claims, the swear text f*ck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy, and damn. It is hosted by the inimitable (Or possibly quite imitable. He is a paradox) Nicolas Cage and […]

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