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10 Of The Best, Most Influential K-pop Performances Of 2020

This yr noticed a ton of amazing K-pop performances, from at the KBS Tune Festival, to Sunghoon’s figure skating through , to quite significantly every single phase on Highway to Kingdom. Each individual K-pop stage demands idols give their all, thrilling fans with exactly coordinated choreography and enviable vocal performances, and they are consistently enhancing. […]

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The Deep Sea Discoveries Of 2020 Are Stunning

This spring, in a canyon over 2,000 feet beneath the Indian Ocean surface, a robot happened upon a fantastical, coiled creature. This siphonophore, found laying like loosely piled rope on the seabed, might be the longest animal ever discovered. It’s well over 150 feet in length. The discovery, made by scientists aboard the R/V Falkor, […]

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