The career of a USB condom is easy: Flip any USB port into a demand-only port by blocking all the facts lines, thereby lessening the assault surface for hackers, pranksters, and vandals to result in harm and mayhem.

And they are affordable. If you use random USB ports for charging devices when out and about, I recommend you get one particular because they are a tiny insurance in an increasingly chaotic entire world..

But USB condoms have restrictions. But you can develop your individual super USB condom.

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The other day I arrived across, and on that web-site are designs for 3 distinct sorts of USB condom, from a primary facts blocker to a more refined 1 that will allow for switching amongst charge to info transfer modes to a actually intelligent one particular that attributes anti-USB-killer functions to prevent your machine becoming fried by higher voltage.

And you can grab everything you will need, from the documents to get the circuit boards printed (both do it your self the previous fashioned way — be expecting a large amount of strike and skip initially — or have a business make them). There is even a total ingredient listing of everything you need to have (which definitely isn’t substantially, even for the most complicated one!).

Of you can just invest in some standard kinds that just isolate the details lines from the charge traces. These is not going to shield you from attacks this kind of as Juice Jacking or obtaining your machines nuked by a USB killer, but if you are that fearful, halt applying random USB charging ports and carry all around a electricity financial institution with you alternatively.