Now I was made aware of a document released by Apple that may possibly really help an individual out of a jam, so you must bookmark it for future reference. 

Titled “Product and Knowledge Obtain when Own Security is At Risk,” this document highlights the ways that an Apple consumer can operate by way of if they believe that that their Apple ID has been compromised, or they want to rescind someone’s accessibility to information that they earlier authorized to have accessibility, these as an ex or a loved ones member.

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As you’d count on, it really is a very in-depth doc, covering subjects this kind of as how to secure a device and Apple ID, to how to check, and if desired, rescind, any info you’ve got earlier shared with a different.

There are also three extremely helpful checklists:

  • If you want to see if anybody else has obtain to your device or accounts
  • If you want to quit sharing with someone whom you earlier shared with
  • If you want to make sure no a single else can see your site

This document is a wonderful resource, and well worth sharing on social media — you hardly ever know, another person could be wanting for this info — and continue to keep a website link to the document for long run reference.