Oh, why?

Comcast and consumer assistance often have the exact same word association as White Castle and wonderful eating.

more Technically Incorrect

The enterprise has labored tough to increase, but it’s just enhanced its cable and online costs, just as folks are doing the job from household.

Which is not so human-welcoming. And it truly is not as if other minor buyer company snafus really don’t continue to materialize, as I just learned.

My spouse and I grew to become a contact mesmerized, you see, by The Flight Attendant. We get HBO Max as component of our Comcast (aka Xfinity) approach. 

At the time it was about and Kaley Cuoco was however alive, we transpired on Field, which is about youthful people today having prescription drugs and having sexual intercourse whilst they’re supposed to be at perform. 

Normally, we identified it the excellent meal-time viewing. But, immediately after the first episode, the HBO Max application would not let us in. It claimed it couldn’t confirm our Xfinity subscription.

It was first-environment annoying. I could log in by way of Xfinity, but no, I was not allowed to check out any shows.

In a healthy of naïveté, I tried Xfinity’s chat services. Just after an hour of remaining asked a ton of thoughts, rebooting, pauses, much more rebooting, it was distinct the chat person experienced no concept what the issue was or how to resolve it.

The next working day, I remembered that the most effective shopper service instrument is Twitter. Comcast has a Twitter Immediate Message provider named, winningly, Comcast Cares.

So there I went to describe my predicament.

Comcast Cares. It is Actually A Speculate.

Comcast Cares tries to be incredibly user-helpful.

Why, this DM discussion began with the Comcast rep offering: “What do you like seeing on HBO Max. My girlfriend and I just finished Question Female this past weekend and it is brilliant that we will be able to perspective new films through there. You have reached the correct area. I am more than delighted to support you get obtain to the app.”

This was a Friday at 3:30pm. 30 minutes later on, no remedy.

“I’m likely to have to open up up a ticket for this difficulty,” explained Comcast. “Our great superior maintenance staff member will reach out to you about this make a difference. I’m happy it is only the just one application that is offering you issues.”

You see how warm and human this was?

I was promised call from the great and advanced fix workforce within just 24 to 72 several hours.

Comcast Cares. But Possibly Not That Significantly.

The following early morning, at 10:01am, a connect with from a 1-888 number. I tend not to reply those people. It went as a result of to voicemail. A seven seconds-extensive concept stated some thing about pressing 2 if the issue was preset, but it was half-garbled.

I DM’d Comcast Cares to wonder if they’d identified as. The reaction was, as very last time, extremely friendly: “Thank you for letting me know that the technician called. I entirely recognize about not buying up phone calls that occur up as unidentified. I don’t pick people up either.”

You you should not?

You might be admitting your phone calls, coming from an unidentified number, are not worthy of answering? It was, in its way, a beautiful human confession.

Sadly, matters drifted in a troubling direction. The rep offered: “I would not be ready to warranty that the technician will contact back.”

At all? Ever? No more intercourse and medication at work? So what am I meant to do?

The rep experimented with to reassure: “It could have been a pre-get in touch with to get information and facts on if the difficulty is even now current. We are nevertheless showing the ticket for the technical crew is still open so they are still performing on getting this resolved.”

This rep promised they’d observe up during the week to examine all the things was high-quality.

You may transform into a purple banyan tree when I explain to you that the aggravating HBO Max thing was not solved that working day, the following, or even the a single just after that.

Comcast Cares. HBO Fixes.

So, on that Monday night time, I had another notion. Potentially HBO Max could do one thing about it. Probably it, far too, experienced pleasant client support.

I chatted on-line with a pleasant Max rep who tried to shoot the hassle, however anything he instructed I might by now experimented with. I could log in, but I couldn’t observe any displays.

Nonetheless, he persisted.

He built one particular final effort. He instructed I use a unique browser on my notebook to accomplish the Television set login system. Lo met behold on this dim, chilly evening and everything was promptly high-quality. The trouble was not HBO Max or Comcast. It was, apparently, Firefox.

We ended up happy. More office medicines and sexual intercourse in excess of hen with rosemary and fennel.

Comcast Really Cares. About Some Things.

The upcoming working day, a Tuesday, the trustworthy member of Comcast Cares DM’d me yet again.

“Superior morning!” they commenced. “I hope your 7 days is off to a good start out! I required to verify in to see if your HBO Max is operating. I am showing the ticket that we issued has been solved.”

Naturally, I bordered on the charmed. I described no Comcast engineer experienced contacted me, amazing or usually. I explained that HBO Max had set the challenge.

The rep made available: “I’m sorry to listen to that was your practical experience. In some situations, they fix the issue and send e mail confirmation the concern has been fixed.”

Then, that practiced personalized contact: “I know it took me really a bit to set up my HBO Max on my bins, even even though I had the app on my cellular phone now.”

That was delightful to know. However I could not support asking the one concern that inevitably tortured my head: “When, in simple fact, was the ticket marked as settled?”

The answer came swiftly: “I am exhibiting the ticket was resolved Sunday morning.”

Which was a tiny odd, as I’d only contacted HBO Max on Monday night. Comcast was supplying a blatant falsehood. The personal touch was wonderful, but the factual nonsense was troubling.

The rep insisted: “What I see is that the situation was solved and additional to your system to [give] you a call to permit you know. I am sorry we did not hook up when our service team attained out but delighted to know you are now in a position to look at HBO Max.”

I hadn’t time to provide a “You should excuse me, but what are you speaking about?” ahead of I was awash in an additional particular touch: “My spouse and children and I watched Wonder Female the other night. It was enjoyment to check out the stunts in this movie for us due to the fact we know one particular of the wonderful stunt doubles in this film.”


What can 1, hence, conclude?

Comcast was acquiring a poor working day, or two? Its engineers may perhaps often declare to have fixed an challenge, even nevertheless they did not? Its Twitter purchaser support is delightfully human and caring, if verging on to some degree inaccurate and powerless for the reason that they are all much too occupied observing Surprise Woman?

Maybe it was all of the higher than.